“Total Transformation”

Everything is professional is born of passion. 

Passion is professionalism, 

But if we add to this fun, great people, then starts the magic !!!

This is the opinion of the training: “Total Transformation” 

Kania thank you for the sincere words:

“Only because I am a woman, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to build an empire. No i am not crazy - I am a dreamer. And I kept asking myself how can I be better in what I am doing.There is this saying - If you are not willing to learn no one can help you. If you’re determine to learn, no one can stop you. So here I am , last weekend, surrounded by 2 fantastic, full of positive vibes teachers, dreamers and doers, believers and thinkers. Both extremely successful in what they are doing and top earners in their field.: on the left my friend and business partner Piotr Mosio - Master Coach, Speaker and Trainer .And on the right my new amazing friend Daniel Konieczny - Coach, Personal Trainer and Mentor of many top class business owners. The knowledge and support I have got from you is priceless. The path I walk is more than right. The journey I am on is more than exciting. To work with you was a privilege and great fun.
Thank you

 P.S And Krav Maga always with me ”

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